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About us

Roo Attachments is an Australian owned company that designs, engineers and manufactures top quality Excavator Attachments and Loader Buckets.


Our attachments are utilized in construction, agriculture, forestry, oil & gas, and mining industries around the world.

We supply Excavator Attachments for all machines from 0.8T up to 600T

We offer a comprehensive range of industry standard and customized Excavator and Loader attachments to accommodate our clients’ needs, including

  • Heavy Duty Rock Buckets 

  • Coal Buckets

  • Loader Buckets

  • Tilt Buckets

  • Mechanical Grabs

  • Hydraulic Grabs

  • Rippers

  • Sieve Buckets

  • General Purpose Buckets

  • Mud Buckets

  • Reinforced Buckets

  • Quick Hitches