rock buckets

CAT375 Front.jpg
  • We design and customise these Heavy Duty Rock Buckets up to fit up to 600T Excavators with the wear package customised for your specific work environment

  • They are manufactured using quenched and tempered, high-strength, wear-resistant steel

  • Designed for severe digging of hard materials in quarries and mines

standard package
  • Side Cutters - BIS450
  • Outer wear strips - BIS450
  • Inner wear strips – BIS450
  • Lip - BIS400
  • Bolt-on Side Cutters
  • Lip Shrouds
  • Heel Shrouds
optional wear packages
  • Full Inner skin
  • White iron button pack on cheeks
  • Chocky Bars – Side cutters
  • Chocky Bars – Ears front face
20T Rock.jpg